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Our Services & Capabilities



  • One single contact window

  • In-house Mechanical Industrial Design

  • Hardware & Software Design and Development

  • 3D Prototype Printing

  • 24 Hrs hot-line

  • Sales support

  • Technical/Engineering Support

  • Product cost reduction program:  
    Design change proposal for manufacturing
    1) Alternative material proposal
    2) Alternative equivalent component proposal
    3) Obsolete Management

  • Industrial Product Design with subfolders

      1) Mechanical Design

      2) Industrial Design
      3) Computation Design


Product Design Services

.Mechanical design

1) Ingress Protection rated enclosure (IP65, IP66 and IP68)

2) Design for 1.5 to 2m drop

3) Plastic, sheet metal, diecast design

4) Fixture design

5) Vector artwork design (true vector) à labels and logos graphics

6) Prototyping (machining, 3D printing, appearance model) 

Industrial Design

1) Concept sketches (freehand and digital)

2) Concept design and styling

3) Master surface model (Class A)

4) Parametric CAD models (prototype and tool-ability)

5) Real-time PBR rendering and animation

Computational Design

1) Provide computation design in the form of custom made calculator/definition (based on Grasshopper 3D) for:

  • Design parameters optimization and solution finding

  • 3D surface texture design

  • Data visualization

  • Design configurator

2) Conduct training on Grasshopper tailor to your needs 

3D Printing 

  • 3D Print with FFF Printer or Resin Type


 Plastic Capabilities:

  • Engineering Solutions

  • CAD/CAM Unigraphic

  • DFM

  •  Moldflow 

  • 3D Plastic Printer for fast Prototyping

  •  Machining  

  • Toolmaking up to 1'400T

  • Makino High Speed 5-Axis CNCs

  • Makino High Performance EDMs

  • Mitsubishi High Speed Wirecuts

  • Mazak 5-axis Mulit-tasking Turn/Mill

  • Micro Molding

  • High-precision Plastic Injection Molding, incl. 2x 2K MCs
      (30-350T Sumitomo Electric M/Cs)

  • Big Plastic Parts Injection Molding (360-860T Nissei Hybrid M/Cs)



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